CBD SEO Little-Known Factors That Could affect your SERP and ROI

The average return on investment for CBD SEO is roughly $2.75 for every $1 spent. Keep in mind that this is an average figure. How much your firm receives back from SEO is influenced by a number of things, ranging from your investment to your business. 

The CBD industry is growing to greater depth and heights. Acknowledging the fact that the CBD industry will boom to an average of exceeding $4 billion in 2019, according to a study by the Brightfield Group, they expect the industry to top $25 billion by 2025. 

Understanding this industry and growing or profiting in the CBD business can be a bit challenging. So the question arises what are the correct techniques and procedures to follow, moreover to grow your CBD business online. This paper discusses every step you should follow to grow your CBD business with digital marketing techniques as SEO, or so for this industry called CBD SEO.

cbd seo

The best way to grow your CBD business online is through CBD SEO

SEO for CBD Companies

SEO is the art and science of convincing search engines, such as Google, to recommend your content or your website to their users as the best solution to the problem. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to grow your organic traffic and  Authority in the market. SEO also helps your business to generate leads and moreover, generate sales. SEO stands as a perfect solution to all your problems and helps you grow your CBD business online.

What does an SEO company do?

Search engine optimization is an important part of the marketing mix for a digital marketer. SEO, or search engine optimization, is essentially a formula one can follow in order to make their brand’s website easier to find. In the CBD industry though, it’s especially important because it is one of the few ways to run digital ads since Facebook and Google have restricted marketing efforts by adhering to unfair cannabis-related policies. The CBD industry has expanded greatly in recent years and as interest continues to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult for brands and businesses within the CBD niche to be found online! 

Acknowledging all the problems to grow CBD business with SEO leads us to the question on how to SEO on CBD products?

SEO is a crucial part of any online business, but it can be intimidating to start. With more and more people flocking to the internet to buy CBD products, it’s important to have an SEO strategy that helps your business stand out from the competition. If you’re wondering how to do SEO for your CBD products, you’re in the right place. 

Hereafter are the steps to do SEO for CBD products and industry to grow your business online.

How to SEO on CBD products
How to SEO on CBD products?

CBD Keywords

What are CBD Keywords and How Do I Use Them?

CBD SEO keywords (also known as “keywords” or “keyphrases”) are terms that are added to online material in order to boost their search engine rankings. The majority of keywords are identified through keyword research and selected based on a mix of search volume, competitiveness, and commercial purpose.

What are the Benefits of SEO Keywords? Your website can rank better for such searches if you optimize your content around words and phrases that people search for.

cbd keywords

Google continues to search important portions of your website. Ranking higher in the SERPs will, of course, bring more targeted visitors to your website. That’s why the first step in any SEO effort is to figure out what people are looking for.

In fact, without keywords, SEO is nearly impossible. However, once you’ve compiled a list of relevant keywords, you may begin working on critical SEO activities such as:

Creating your site’s architecture

Product and category pages are being planned.

Creating material for blog articles and videos on YouTube

Landing pages and sales pages that are optimised

ON Page optimization for CBD products

On-page SEO is the process of configuring and matching a website’s structural aspects with how a search engine evaluates a website in response to a search query. The greater a website’s chances of being noticed and ranking higher in search engine results pages are, the more it is optimized in accordance with how search engines shortlist and rank websites. On-page SEO usually entails:

Adding important keywords and basic information about the website to the page title and description

Adding descriptions and alt properties to photos and videos

Errors in HTML code are removed, and the code is optimised for diverse devices, browsers, and performance.

Keeping a healthy mix of targeted keywords in all tags, descriptions, and content.

What are the different elements you should focus on for SEO of CBD Products?

  • Title tags

Title tags are the HTML element used to specify the title of a webpage. By default, Title tags are H1 tags. 

  • Meta description

Meta descriptions are the HTML attributes that provide a brief summary of a webpage.

A meta description is not a direct ranking factor according to google but they improve CTR which has an impact on google.

  • Header tags

Header HTML tags are the heading that helps us to differentiate the main heading of a webpage to the various subheadings i.e rest of the content. 

Header tags create an informational hierarchy for both the uses and the crawlers.

  • URL

URL stands for Universal Resource Locator It is basically the address of a webpage. 

Including the primary keyword in your URL helps you with better on-page optimization and thus, helps you with a higher ranking.

  • Images

Optimizing your web page for images helps you with more real estate and search traffic. Images also help you with organic traffic from the images section in the search engines.


On-page optimization is all done for the relevancy of a webpage, and inculcating these techniques on your webpage will help you with content relevancy and thus, SERP ranking. 

SEO content marketing strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing are two distinct strategies that, when effectively used, may help your company produce more leads and eventually more sales.

An integrated SEO content marketing approach will help you get the most out of your digital marketing initiatives and elevate your brand’s visibility.

If you want your content to last, you must include SEO into nearly every piece you write. They are intertwined, and neither can flourish without the other. You must realise that SEO is more technical, but content marketing is more wide and holistic. The only way to assure that content marketing is a success is to use SEO tactics.

SEO content marketing strategy

Best practices for SEO content writing

When selecting how to rank a page on your website, Google considers an estimated 200 distinct variables. This is why SEO content production isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s not about figuring out the one method that works; it’s about putting best practices in place everywhere.

So, what exactly is SEO content creation? There are a few easy things you can do right away to set yourself up for long-term success. SEO has an impact on social media, public relations, website design, programming, and content, among other things.

Here’s how to improve your digital content so that it’s SEO-friendly.

The myth about SEO content:

It’s not enough to merely create excellent, sticky content in the hopes of improving your SEO. To be sure, quality SEO content isn’t any less.

In order to ensure high-quality SEO optimized content, you can follow this approach to curate valuable content. This is a framework that will eventually help you with content and rank up on SERP with higher authority. 

The Six-Step Content Framework

Headline – Make sure you use the primary keyword in your heading and write multiple heading before publishing your content.

Introduction – Start with an anecdote, statistics and how the content is going to help your readers.

The What – Describe the problem your user is facing and the solution to the problem. 

The Why – Explain why the solution you are providing is the best solution.

The How – Demonstrate how to use your solution in easy steps.

Conclusion – Summarize the content and the key takeaways.

Following this approach in your SEO content marketing strategy will help you with a higher ranking in your search engines and also help your users with more valuable content and solutions. 

cbd seo

You cannot sell CBD products on Facebook. Thus, CBD SEO is the best option for your business growth

Conclusion to CBD SEO 

We hope this blog post has helped you understand why you need an SEO company to help you grow your CBD business online. As you can see, there are a lot of benefits. The next step is to reach out to a reputable company like Dank Dynamiks which expertise working with CBD and Hemp companies and can help you out with CBD SEO.

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